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Project Description

The .NET Configuration Code Generator simplifies the task of generating classes when defining a custom configuration section in your App.config or Web.config files.
All you need to do is to provide a sample of the full XML that you intend to use for your configuration, and the .NET Configuration Code Generator will be able to infer the configuration structure and data types used and build the necessary code.

The .NET Configuration Code Generator uses the CodeDOM for generating the configuration code, so you'll be able to generate the code in any .NET language that you have installed (C#, Visual BASIC .NET, JScript.NET, Managed C++, etc.)

Visit these links to see examples of the configuration code generated by the .NET Configuration Code Generator:
The .NET Configuration Code Generator consists of:
  • The core class library which contains the main logic behind the code generation. This includes the XML inference and actual code generation,
  • The client applications, which use the core class library to provide front-ends for the code generation. Currently, these include:
    • A Windows Forms standalone application (NConfigGeneratorUI)
    • A VSIX Visual Studio package that contains a custom tool, which allows you to integrate the code generation into the build process.

Known Issues
  • The generator cannot handle collections under the outer-most configuration element
  • The generator cannot handle collections directly under other collections


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